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Aerial Work Platforms
New self-elevating platform
Mobile hydraulic lifting platform
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Vehicle-mounted hydraulic lifting platform
Aluminum hydraulic lifting platform
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Fixed hydraulic lift platform
Stationary hydraulic cargo lifter
Fixed hydraulic lift platform
Car lift hydraulic lifting platform
Hydraulic dock leveler
Stationary hydraulic dock leveler
Mobile hydraulic dock leveler
Foot hydraulic lifting platform
Special specifications of hydraulic lifting platform
Formerly known as Wuxian Construction Machinery Plant, is one of the first domestic production of the manufacturers of hydraulic lifting machinery. By Tongji University, Department of Mechanics, lift strength test, the quality of the design ......

Failure phenomenon

Possible reasons for


1、Motor starter, oil pump had no effect
Motor reversal
Swap phase line position
2、Pipeline oil spill
Ring wear
Replace the seals
3、Fuel tank of oil spill
Ring wear
Replace the seals
Solenoid valves have a foreign body stuck or abnormal wear
Take apart and wash or replace solenoid valve
5、Pressure drop or transfer is not high
Regulator screw loose
6、Down buttons failure
Solenoid valve without electric or electromagnetic valve stuck open not
Press electromagnetic valve end mandrel…

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